There's one reason you'll
come back. Our meds.

100% LED Grown Marijuana Make the Smart Choice

The superior quality of LED grown marijuana is undeniable, the benefits are also increased, LED grown marijuana is trichome rich, resulting in a plant with an augmented benefits footprint. From seed to plant to bud we are working everyday to give you the best medicine, the medicine you deserve.

LED lights are also environmentally conscious, lower electricity bills mean we can pass on these savings to YOU. We are making the choices and paving the way of the future, sustainable and natural, just like our 100% organic LED grown marijuana.


Since opening our doors in 2009 our mission and goals have not changed, as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at Tree of Wellness Inc. we take pride in facilitating treatment and pain management for Colorado residents who suffer various debilitating medical conditions such as, but not limited to: HIV, chronic pain and glaucoma. Giving you the best experience and helping you heal is what we strive for everyday.

Our Staff

Tree of Wellness is El Paso County's unsurpassed marijuana dispensary, offering exceptional customer service, top quality cannabis, extracts oils, hash and edibles at competitive prices in a safe and enjoyable environment. It would not be so if it was not for our compassionate, knowledgeable and caring staff, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave you will be helped in a caring and confidential environment.

Caring. Confidential.

At The Tree we strive to make our patients feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy their experience with us, we offer many commodities such as beverages and member discounts and pricing, as well as a large selection of meds including a diverse range of medical marijuana strains, infused and baked goods and smoking accessories. Should you have any questions our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to serve you and help you choose which med is best for you.

We have many strains and are constantly introducing different strains to better meet your needs, because of our constant flow of new meds we recommend to visit or call in to check our menu.

Tree of Wellness 1000 W Fillmore St. #105
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 635-5556

Mon through Friday 8:00 - 7:00PM